FDL Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy Machine

Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy Machine

Product Features

  • Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy Machine

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2 thoughts on “FDL Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy Machine

  1. Melissa Breen

    This Is A Miracle Machine! I have had this machine for 4 months and have used it at least 50 times. Be prepared, when you take it out of the box, it feels like a thin plastic POS, BUT as soon as you put those batteries in and hit go, it will knock your socks off. It is in Chinese and English you can change the mode.I bought some replacement pads on Amazon for $9 (I’ve since lost them in my house), and that was a lot cheaper than anyone was quoting. I haven’t changed the pads once however. If you just use some kind of gel, like a K-Y or a type of conductive medium you will be just fine. They won’t “stick” to you per say, but if you put a pillow on top of it, or lay on it, we have had NO issues with doing just that.I tried it out while my husband was at work and when he came home, I put them on him. I have NEVER laughed so hard! He was shocked how some little plastic junk looking thing could almost knock him over. It’s that strong. No need to go all high tech and spend hundreds on the bigger units, even if it dies in a years time, it’s less than $20. I have had two of my friends buy them after trying ours!

  2. Patrina Lingard

    Love the product, but…. I love this product. As a therapist, I find it very useful and functional for point therapy on the go or in the comforts of home. What I don’t like is that the pads wear so easily. After 3 uses, I found myself trying to salvage the pads. The adhesive does not last very long. This is the only reason that I can not give this product a 5. If you decided to purchase, I recommend that you order replacement pads upfront.


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