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Taking Care Of Our World Around Us

Fossil fuels are still a main source of energy for the people around the globe, there is no doubting that. There are other alternatives though, such as wind power and geothermal power that are more earth-friendly for the longevity of our planet and its occupants.

Global warming is a result of many contributing parties; one of those is fossil fuel which is still used all to frequently. If there are other options for energy sources out there that are better for living things and for our Earth, then why not use those other sources? I find this to be a moral matter whether we as individuals use one energy source or another. The knowledge is there… it is up to consumers as to what to purchase and use I think. Then again, some people have little to no preference on what energy source to use. Upfront costs seem to play a role in our decisions too, like whether to install solar panels on our home or to buy a little pricey hybrid vehicle. The more the public is informed about renewable energy sources and how it can better our health leads me to think that when we know better, we do better. This information leads me to conclude that energy source preference actually is a moral matter.

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