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The Art Of Happiness

Happiness is an amazing competitive advantage.-Shawn Achor. Listen in for all that and a lot more on episode 344 of The Artwork of Charm. Shawn Achor is the leading specialist on positive psychology, he won over a dozen awards for his training at Harvard University on this subject, he could be also written many top selling books including The Well-Being Edge, has been featured in The Harvard University Business Review and even had a two hour interview with Oprah. Today’s episode is not about what he is done, it is about what his research has found about the well-being edge, and why well-being issues. The first thing to address is his description of well-being. Well-Being is the pleasure you feel as you therefore are growing into your total potential. With a description like this, it is simpler to be an optimist.

A study performed with Metlife sales staff MetLife how subjects reflects the power of an optimistic attitude. They took two groups of people! in one group they employed optimists who scored low on the industry standard evaluations and in the other group they employed pessimists who scored high on the same evaluations. Within annually, the optimists had done 19% more in sales. It’sn’t only sales which are influenced by disposition and outlook, optimists are regularly found to be more appealing, more reliable, better liked and are more inclined to receive promotions at work. The people around the optimists are seen to be happier as well. At its core the research showed that when you’re near somebody who’s anxious, you’ll start to feel anxious. Shawn also shares the brains functions that explain why happiness creates success, NOT the other way round. Achieving goals doesn’t make us happier, since whenever we accomplish these goals our mind instantly creates another objective or description of success. Now that you’ve gotten that large promotion, your mind instantly redefines success as the next promotion, the next Get. So rather than concentrating on reaching anything to make you happy, embrace the description of happiness Shawn provides and success will normally follow.

Free Tarot and Psychic Readings Online

The internet offers the greatest choice of free tarot and psychic readings online, and most off these use software applications to provide answers and insight for free. These free tarot and psychic readings are done in the privacy of your home or office, using your computer, and require a small amount of information from you, usually your name and date of birth. A general character profile and a little bit of day to day advice is then given to you in the form of a written reading.

This type of free Tarot and psychic reading does little more than pass the time or provide some general amusement. The free tarot readings don’t provide much opportunity for interaction or rapport, and serious questions can hardly be looked at in any depth, or insightful answers given about your problems or concerns.

For more in-depth Tarot or psychic readings however, you can find many psychic tarot card readings over the internet through using the telephone to talk to a psychic, or getting a tarot reading done by email. This type of tarot reading will require some form of payment by either credit card or online transaction processing.

Although the radio and internet offer the best opportunity for free tarot card readings, the advice that you will get won’t always be what you are looking for if you are looking for clear answers to pressing issues or concerns. The format which in both areas is quite impersonal, is not always a good one for many people. A paid Tarot or Psychic readings will give you a more accurate and specific answers, and the guidance and clarity about your real issues, is another telling point compared to free tarot readings, or free psychic readings