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How to Gradually Stop a Puppy Biting

This is an excerpt from our growing site on dog training.

I’s natural to let a puppy biting. You need to give them a balance of both. They can bite, and then should not bite humans. It’s really that. You need to train them ONLY to bite allowed things. So give them toys and stuff that they would prefer to bite and not your hand.

Your puppy will need chew toys that survive and others that he can really get your teeth into. Add some squeaky toys, balls, tug-o-rope and whatever else you may think that your puppy will be that won’t hurt him.

If your puppy chews on you or your clothing, make a loud noise, such as a “no” to attract his attention, then take away the item and give him the chew toy so he can associate the toy with biting. Not the Clothing or the shoe.

Puppys have been biting for millions of years. And you need to recognize that no amount of “NO” will change that. You are fighting nature. When you realize that , and give them something they will want to bite more, they will do it.

Feel free to drop by and see what else we can teach you. You are the Alpha dog, after all