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Fancy A Golfing Vacation?

Themed holidays are all the rage nowadays, and if you are into golf then what better than to go on a golfing holiday? A chance to combine your love of golf and your need to play golf, in a new location, on different golf courses and, when you are not on the fairways, a chance to experience a different culture and different way of life. Sounds like a plan!

But where would you go? And how would you go about booking a golf holiday?

Well, there are many companies out there who will arrange the whole thing for you including what courses you will play and where you will stay. But that can work out quite expensive and you can never be sure what type of accommodation you will get booked into. A far cheaper alternative, and one that would allow you full control over where you play and where you stay, would be to rent a privately owned property on or near a great golfing location.

The website at features many privately owned properties that fit the bill so that would be a great starting point. On that website you can view anything from one bedroomed apartments to seven bedroomed luxury villas on, or very near, some great golf courses in countries such as Spain Portugal, France, Italy, Turkey, England, Wales, USA and many others.

So rather than stay in some grotty old hotel you get the chance to stay in a luxury villa with a private pool! Some of the larger properties available for rent are ideal for a larger golfing groups or golf societies. Prices for properies range from around 100 UK pounds per week for an apartment up to 1000 UK pounds and above for a larger luxury villa with its own pool.

So for a fantastic golfing holiday in a wonderful golfing location check first!