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Ask Your Pediatrician About Asthma Symptoms in Children

Approximately 90% of childhood asthma attacks are caused by a cold, i.e. by a respiratory infection caused by a virus. Studies have shown that viruses can cause inflammatory reactions than in the respiratory tract of allergic persons following exposure to allergens in asthmatic children. Knowing when your child truly exhibits the classic asthma symptoms in children may take a few months to master. Make sure that you have your pediatrician’s number with you because asthma can go bad rapidly.

Types cough asthma

In this type of asthma, a persistent cough is the only clinical symptom. Children with this type of asthma may have a persistent cough at night, cough when they exercise or present a prolonged or excessive cough during or after an episode of cold.

Asthma can be occasional or persistent. Some asthma attacks are triggered by very specific conditions, such as animal contact, walk in the countryside in the period of pollen: we speak then of intermittent asthma. In other cases, asthma is present throughout the year; It is then a more or less severe persistent asthma and the causes are more or less multiple.

Asthma is in part an allergic disorder. Asthma attacks can be triggered by external agents that irritate the Airways. The first line of defense consists of when to avoid these triggers. To change just a few common habits may contribute significantly to the prevention of crises.

Pollens (trees, herbs, grasses)

Usually, the allergens come from trees in the spring, the grass in the summer and – France but in the Canada – of ragweed in the fall sporadically frequently.

What you need to do: keep doors and windows closed, if possible make sure that your child stays inside when the content of the pollen air is very high. Do not sheets of beds or clothes that are dried in the air. Use an air conditioning system to prevent the entry of the pollen.

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