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Model Anatomy Professional Medical Acupuncture Female 48cm 19″ IT-091 ANGELUS

Model Anatomy Professional Medical Acupuncture Female 48cm 19″ IT-091 ANGELUS


(48cm / 19″)

This acupuncture model is ideal for teaching aids. Each is carefully labeled with the appropriate pressure point and meridians of the ancient healing art. Made of soft PVC plastic and mounted on a handsome wooden stand.



MEASUREMENTS: 20″ X 7″ X 4″ inch




Product Features

  • Model Anatomy Professional Medical Acupuncture Female 48cm 19″ IT-091 ANGELUS

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Pointer Excell II Digital Acupunture & Pressure Point Locator

The Pointer Excel II is a newly designed, accurate, and easy to operate hand-held trigger point locator which incorporates an effective push button stimulation feature.

It features a digital display to show the frequency of stimulation during operation, and a numerical display to show the sensitivity of detection during the location of acupuncture points. This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features such as polarity change-over switch, frequency selection and microcurrent stimulation etc. It is one of the most innovative handheld stimulators on the market.

Included accessories:
2 detection probes/stimulation probes, 1 screw driver, 1 spare grounding pole, 1 hard carrying case & instruction manual.

Federal Law (USA) restricts TENS, EMS and MicroCurrent devices to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner. Keep out of reach of children. Refer to user’s manual for contraindications.

Product Features

  • Hand Held TENS and Point Locator
  • Larger digital display
  • Point detection sound adjustment
  • Ability to vary intensity and stimulation

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E&M E-Acu-Plus Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator Pen

Combining the ancient knowledge of traditional Chinese massage technique with sophisticated electronic circuitry, the E&M E-Acu-Plus utilizes completely painless, very low frequency stimulation, without piercing the skin. Based on the principles of acupuncture, but without the needles, this device is applied either directly to areas of discomfort or to acupoints that correspond to soreness or discomfort, great for soothing stress and relaxing before going to sleep. The E-Acu-Plus is a cinch to use, because it signals you (visually and audibly) when it locates the precise acupoint as you pass the pen over the approximate area. Then the acupuncture tip emits a safe, low intensity electrical pulse to stimulate the acupuncture point. You control the duration and intensity. Comes with a detailed instruction booklet identifying the location of every acupoint in the body. Also includes headphone so you can concentrate on finding your acupuncture points !!!. Uses 2 CR-2025 Batteries included. No medical claims expressed or implied.

Product Features

  • Painless acupuncture stimulation – no needles
  • Can be applied directly to areas of discomfort or various acupuncture points
  • Adjustable Timer, Adjustable intensity control,3 Program selections
  • Detailed Instruction Booklet with illustrated body acupuncture map(B&W)
  • Earphone And 2 lithium CR-2025 Batteries Included

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Old Habits Die Hard For Pipework Contractors

For years pipework contractors have installed compressed air systems in either black iron or galvanised steel pipe. Familiarity has been a major factor along with the fact that material costs are low compared with other piping systems. However the cost of materials must be weighed against many factors and these days old habits are giving way to modern pipework systems.

A major influence is the question of time on site. A pipework system will need screwing together and although fittings are easy to come by specialist threading equipment will be needed to complete the task. To obtain a decent thread some form of lubricant or pipe cutting fluid must be used after which cleaning of each joint will be necessary. To make the joint air tight a sealing compound will also be needed. Time consuming and laborious work particularly if there are many pipe joints and fittings to be installed.

Another issue is weight. This type of pipework is heavy and therefore will need extra labour and people on site to handle it properly. Most compressed air pipework systems are installed overhead making the work doubly difficult. More so when a factory is in full production below, this happens all the time with retrofit systems compared with installing in a new construction.

So what are the alternatives. While stainless steel pipework is and obvious choice pipework contractors are increasingly using aluminium for airlines as they carry with them many advantages. Sure the cost is higher per metre than steel pipework but the advantages are many.

First of all aluminium does not corrode and scale. Many airlines carry some moisture even after drying and eventually this causes scaling inside the pipework. The damage caused by scale fouling delicate compressed air tools and equipment cannot be under estimated. In extreme cases, loose scale can completely clog a line or damage equipment connected to a line. Also corrosion and loose scale affects air quality and makes it unsuitable for applications that require clean air.

Then there is the little matter of weight. Aluminium pipework is lighter than steel and therefore more easy to install (read less labour needed). Aluminium pipe systems are much easier to install and to modify than steel or copper pipe. Labour savings of 50% can be achieved, since aluminium pipe is supplied ready for use. No particular preparations beyond cutting, deburring, and chamfering are required, nor are special tools needed. Using a quick connect click together system each joint is leak free and will remain so. Its estimated that at least 10% of threaded joints will leak at some time in their lives driving up costs as compressors have to work harder to maintain pressure.

The only drawback is one of initial cost, pipework installation engineers will have to shell out more initially but the labour savings in installation or modification in later years pays dividends over an over.

How to spy on your spouse via their cell phone?

There are lots of folks that are simply fed up with their cellular phone contracts and even more people that don’t even have a cell phone yet. The only problem that comes with cellular phones for new customers, especially for new people who have no credit yet, is that a deposit is normally needed along with a 2 year contract.

If you don’t want to provide a deposit or sign a contract, you can always get yourself a pre paid mobile phone service. One thing you will find is that depending on how much of a deposit the cellphone service would require for your phone, the LG Optimus Prepaid Android Phone With Virgin Mobile may end up being more inexpensive.

Now I am sure you are wanting to know how much all of this will cost to get started with your own cellular phone. If you feel that a pre paid service is the way to go, rather than signing a contract you will find that you will be able to order the LG Optimus prepaid Android phone through Amazon for just $121. But that is simply for the LG Optimus prepaid Android phone since you will also need to get the service that will allow you to use the phone.

And with this spy cam software for mobile phone, you will use the pre-paid service from Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile has plans that start for as low as 5 to 10 cents a minute depending on how many minutes you get. But you can likewise sign up for a monthly plan with Virgin Mobile, though you will not have to sign a contract as this is also a pre paid monthly service. You need to also bear in mind that these plans are a pay as you go plan, and there is no yearly contract.

Of course, one of the great things about this package is that you will get the LG Optimus, which has the Google Android OS. For those of you who have seen or used cell phones that have the Android OS, you already know that this is a phone that can do just about anything. Another great thing you are going to see regarding this phone is that it also comes with voice recognition software which will let you do things by simply talking to the phone. In addition, you will be rather impressed with the 3.2 inch touchscreen.

Richmond and Virginia affiliates gain revenue boost from NAA lease.(Affiliate Profile): An article from: Units

This digital document is an article from Units, published by National Apartment Association on April 1, 2004. The length of the article is 665 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: Richmond and Virginia affiliates gain revenue boost from NAA lease.(Affiliate Profile)
Publication: Units (Magazine/Journal)
Date: April 1, 2004
Publisher: National Apartment Association
Volume: 28 Issue: 4 Page: 63(1)

Distributed by Thomson Gale

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Card knife you can use to survive

Self-defense is an excellent thing to learn. There are so many formats to choose from when you first start out. Remember you are not going for a black belt or anything like that.

This is not about earning a certificate or a belt of any kind. It is not necessary to consider lofty options such as this. You need to take safety measures, and be proud that you are going to learn how to protect yourself. Also remember that self-defense is not just about defending yourself. There are many other points to consider.

People who have studied one or more forms of martial arts are almost at a disadvantage. But that depends a lot on the style that was learned with some being more effective than others. One who knows all of the extravagant moves might go to extremes when the circumstances do not call for it. The criminal sometimes is more likely to come out on top. When you leave your martial arts class, leave the fancy tactics there and never bring them to a street altercation. What will usually happen is the fancy technique will produce an opening. Once you create an opening, then an experienced street fighter will be all over that and it’ll be over.

Perhaps you have heard of a victim profile. This is something that police and criminal psychologist created decades back. The people that the criminals prey upon our very similar, categorically, to animals that prey upon other animals to eat. If a person wants to attack someone else, just like an animal, they will go after the weakest ones.

What does not fit in this profile is looking and acting confident. Don’t stare at the ground, and walk with confidence everywhere you go. You do not have to make eye contact with people, but look ahead with confidence. This will help you dramatically, even if you are acting the entire time. So, how does the credit card knife work?

Blocking with a deflecting movement will cause your opponent to open up, especially if you have blocked a hand strike coming your way. They will be open and vulnerable to any attack to the midsection. There are many ways to handle this. You could strike once, sharply, to the rib cage. You could also do a one-two combination in the same area if you have time. The person fighting you will certainly feel pain. Ribs are a very sensitive part of the body. They will react automatically, covering this area, especially if you deliver a blow that causes them quite a bit of pain. After you do this, hit the face several times rapidly. Not all methods of the same, especially in regard to self-defense techniques. It is possible that, if in serious situations, strategies like this may not be helpful whatsoever. You need to seek out as much information as you can before trying one. If the technique seems too complicated, it probably won’t be very useful if you don’t have the skills to execute it. If you take self-defense classes, then you can focus on practicing practical techniques that can actually help you.